(The Nature Retreat)

with Fanny  and Be Browne


Next Retreat : 15 - 20 August 2018
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This retreat supports us to land in a deeper relationship with this earth, a sense of belonging on the planet; to feel supported by the very ground we walk on, and the air we breathe. To taste the possibility that we not only have an intimate and life-long relationship with the Earth and indeed all the elements, but they are also who we are! To know ourselves as cells of the Earth, and to know ourselves AS space, is to come home to our essential embodied nature. And to know ourselves as human beings in a vaster landscape of Life is both humbling and greatly relieving.

Dartmoor has something that very few places in England still have – a sense of wilderness. Huge skies; wild, tumbling rivers; forests; rocks and tors that just have to be climbed. We have here a chance to come into a fresh and alive relationship with wildness, working directly with our very subjective experience of wild waters, wide open spaces, fire, plants and creatures and not least, the English weather!

Many of us have a default position when we’re out in nature. We look at it, we hike through it, we picnic in it; for some of us it’s an endless search for the sublime nature experience that never seems quite to happen; for others we pretty much ignore what’s around us, being far more interested in whatever we’re thinking about. And for some of us, it is only in nature that we feel happy and relaxed; and yet have no way to integrate that into our daily and social world.  How you receive and respond to the world, give yourself to the world, makes all the difference here; and, of course, how nature gives itself to you in response. How would it be to let yourself find a whole-body response to a tree, to play like a child in the rush of a waterfall, to curl up in the arms of a mossy rock, or press your body to the ground as you would with a lover?  And how would it be to connect deeply with the natural world in an intimate personal way, and then find a way to share something of what has been received within human relationships, so the these are no longer perceived as separate?

The retreat will be over 5 days in summer. We will camp in the grounds of a village hall, using the kitchen, shower and toilets there, as well as the hall itself for some parts of the retreat.


Camping in the grounds of Gidleigh Village Hall, Dartmoor


1pm Wednesday 15th - 4pm Monday 20th August 2018


Fixed payment £200
Suggested Donation £250 (or on a sliding scale between £150 and £400)