A Call To Come Home

A Residential Retreat with Colin

When Other is Presumed, Fear Arises

In the last months, so much has happened which is impacting us all,
Personally, politically, socially.
It is so easy to feel powerless, angry and despairing in the face of events.
Which is why we urgently need a deeper ground from which to relate with it all.

We need to drop deeper than Right and Wrong,
….than Us and Them,
…..deeper than a problem/solution orientated approach 
in which we lose connection with Being.

We need to remember who we are -
already connected, already whole, already enough.
So that we can navigate those parts of ourselves which are wounded, afraid, powerless
and caught in patterns of flight/fight and freeze.
So that we can resist the tendency to go along with the craziness,
The barely conscious collusion with fear, hostility and blame
And instead stand our ground in a commitment to what is true.

This retreat is a call to come home.
To recognise our survival patterns and find our way 
to what is more deeply sustaining, 
and supportive 
at this time (and always). 





Fixed Payment: £250
Suggested Donation: £250   (or something between £150 and £350