The Dance of Intimate Relationship

Retreats for Couples

with Fanny & Colin

If you are in an intimate relationship, honestly ask yourself; is your relating deepening you, opening you?  Is it serving a growing realisation of truth in yourself?  Is it actually intimate?  Do you feel loved and accepted, free to be yourself as you are, free to have your own life? Do you feel able to love, to make love, to give love to your intimate partner? 

In these retreats for couples we will explore how we can begin to really serve ourselves and each other in our journey of awakening – how we can gradually relate more effectively with both the difficulties and the potential in intimacy, embracing not only our human vulnerability and tenderness, but also the strength and capacity in both ourselves and our partners. And what a gift to share the challenges and wonders with other couples who are committed to ‘getting’ themselves more and more, accepting each other in all their imperfections and celebrating their complimentary gifts!

Colin and Fanny will be sharing some of what they have learned over 22 years of intimate relationship – learnings which have allowed their relating to blossom and thrive as they age and awaken together. The actual format of the retreats will be a blend of group time, time with your intimate partner, sessions with Colin / Fanny for you as a couple, and time with other couples. Practically how this will work is that the mornings will be pretty much as usual on our retreats - ie there will be sitting and a full session before lunch in which we'll offer various enquiries and practices as well as providing a chance to share and receive guidance. The afternoons will be up to you - spend intimate time with your partner, arrange to have individual or couple sessions with one of us, or share with other couples. And the evenings will involve more group time.

These retreats are for couples who are in a committed relationship and who are both already working with us. We intend to offer two retreats for couples each year – in 2020 these will be Intimate Relationship – The Heart in May and Intimate Relationship – Rupture & Repair in August.

Future retreats will include Intimate Relationship – Tending the Field; Intimate Relationship – Out of the Shadows and Intimate Relationship – Exploring Sex.

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Intimate Relationship - The Heart

Intimate Relationship - Rupture & Repair

Intimate Relationship - Tending the Field

Intimate Relationship - Out of the Shadows

Intimate Relationship - Exploring Sex