With Fanny and Kate Pyper

Next Retreat : none planned at present



This retreat is a calling an invitation, to come together and steep in what is most precious in good company for 5 days.  It is the first time we will have run this retreat in almost 4 years, and it is a delight to open this lyrical, playful, heart ful deep dive again with those who are drawn to journey with us.  You will be invited to bring music, art materials and poetry which inspires you, or bring nothing at all if you would rather have nothing added.  You will be invited to open to the mystery…


A passion and a thirst for what is most precious;
Deeply known and yet unknowable…

Let us discover this, soak in this and inspire each other with this.
Let us become utterly delighted,
Without knowing how to ‘do’ it.
Any difficulty being nothing but a doorway to Grace.

Through the peace of not doing,
And through the juiciness of opening in love,
Through, in and as, this glorious and messy incarnation!
Resting in the luxury of what is precious beyond words,
Beyond time.
More fulfilling than any achievement
or personal quality.
Unattainable and yet
Right here.
Let’s sit and lie and roll and dance and discover this ecstatic mystery

There is a magic which happens when we gather together like this.
We step into a potent potential
creating a most extraordinary,
probably delightful, possibly wild, and perhaps quite ordinary possibility
for ourselves, each other, and our world.



(This retreat is open to relative newcomers as well as those with years of experience in this work.  It is however a prerequisite that you have some experience of this work with  Fanny or Colin.)


 Fully Residential




Fixed payment £200
Suggested Donation £300 (or on a sliding scale between £200 and £400)