A Passion for Change

with Colin

Next Retreat: cancelled for 2020

Anger energises. It is a passionate response directed at challenging and changing what we perceive as threatening or damaging to our own or others’ wellbeing. But it is a choice whether our expression of anger is hostile and vengeful, or respectful and assertive. For anger can be used to fuel and drive hostility, aggression and destructive behaviour as readily as it can be used to energise and orchestrate action to challenge injustice and develop personal integrity. It can be used to protect and support abuse and injustice as easily as it can be used to challenge and change abuse and injustice. It can be abusive and oppressive in itself and it can equally be transformational and empowering.

What makes the difference between transformative anger and destructive anger? What are the roots of anger and how can we learn to harness and ride this passion and energy, directing it towards personal transformation and social justice rather than towards vengeful abuse and social retribution?

This willl be a deep and personal exploration of these questions, an opportunity both to use the precious resource of our own anger (freeing up our capacity to access and conduct it), and to take responsibility for the ways in which we may be (actively or passively) abusing anger in our relationships.

This retreat is prerequisite for doing Out of the Shadows. These two reetreats form a kind of 1st and 2nd level of exploration into this territory.  They will be run alternately - Passion For Change one year and Out of the Shadows in a subsequent year.


Fully Residential near Totnes in Devon


cancelled for 2020


Fixed Payment:  from £270 - £330 depending on room


Suggested Donation:  £300 (or something between a minimum £180 and a generous £420)