Diving In

with Colin

Next Workshop: none planned at present

How is it to fully be here?

To really be here for what is happening, engaged with life, and yet relaxed enough to let go of control and allow the mystery to unfold through you and around you?

How is it to connect with those around you?

To touch and be touched by others, not so much through discussing shared topics of interest, but through sharing this moment in time and feeling the simple communion which happens when we stop striving to get anywhere else.

 How is it to relax?

 To really relax and open as this body, this spirit, this life-force, this being.  To allow the insistent dominance of the mind to slow down enough that the moment can be savoured and true presence can be lived.  To experience this even for a moment can change our entire perspective on life, what we are here for, and what is valuable.

 This short residential retreat will provide an opportunity to dive into the core of this Movement of Being work.  We will explore simple meditation, movement practice, and enquiry work in pairs.  We will have some periods of silence and there will be a chance to dance and share deeply.  The practices are remarkably simple and ordinary, and yet what is touched in these spaces can be extraordinary and very relieving, sometimes hilarious, sometimes tender and always real.


Fully Residential at Droridge Barn, Dartington, Devon




Fixed payment £100
Suggested Donation £125 (or on a sliding scale between £75 and £175)