1-1 Sessions with Colin or Fanny

Both Colin and Fanny have very limited availability for 1-1 sessions as our focus is on the various groups and retreats that we offer. When we do offer such sessions, they are intended as a way to give occasional personal guidance to people who are already deeply involved in our group work.

We are often asked if we can provide regular ongoing 1-1 support, such as might be available from a therapist. This isn't something that we can offer any more. However we do recognise that some people do have a real need for this and have created a page on our website listing people whose work is connected to ours in some way (either as colleagues and peers or as experienced students of ours) and may be able to meet this need:-  LINKS TO OTHER GUIDES AND TEACHERS
If you do have sessions with us, they may either be in person or on Zoom. Please check with Colin or Fanny before presuming we'll be able to see you in person. This will depend on the usual Covid precautions and whether we are actually in Devon at the time.
Our availability for 1:1 sessions will be updated around the middle of each month (eg sessions for September will be made available by mid-August).
If in doubt about whether or not to book a session with us, please contact our administrator HERE.

 Please don't book more than one of these sessions at a time unless you have already agreed that with us.


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